Saturday, April 5, 2008

Reverse glass effect on a stain glass painting


Anonymous said...


miradha said...

Hey really good.
A treat to the eyes.The world is beautiful. you are doing a wonderful service by portraying it. Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

vedagiri said...

Very Nice. But I heard that your Daddy had given you some models for glass painting. When are you going to do them ? Eagerly waiting !


suja mohan said...

hi..gr8 work.
can u tell mehow u got that effect??
sorry 4 troubling

Sujana M said...

Hi Mathu,

This is the first time I visited ur blog. Seriously u r highly talented. Being just 20years old, u have done a lot. Ur parents and brother might have been a great support for you. I could guess from ur blogs.
All the best for ur very bright future.


bharathi said...

Heard about your gold medal from your dad. He is so proud and now I know he has a reason! You have so much talent and Thanks for sharing your art with all of us!
- Bharathi Ramanan ( Your dad's cousin).

Ramyashrii said...

this looks awesome... how did u do it?

Mathu said...

On the front side of the glass the flowers are done by ordinary Stain Glass Painting. On the other side, by mixing Black and White glass colors at various proportions I hav created the textured backdrop using brush.

kadija said...

hey mathu..lovely too use to use to paint on glass..but not gettng luvly pics like this..if u hav pls do mail me at dear..